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​Jiashi Ying

Jewelry Artist


Sensory Connection

Sensory Connection

Sensory Connection delves into emotional connections through art and sensory immersion, showcasing the profound impact of sensory engagement on emotions. Integrating sound with wearable art, I use CAD modeling to translate the emotional expressions of sound into visual and tactile stimuli. Through the application of 3D printing on fabric, these sensory encounters are woven into the fabric of the viewers' lives. This series of works creates immersive multidimensional experiences aimed at inspiring both spiritual and emotional resonance within the viewers. Visitors will discover emotional experiences relevant to their inner worlds within the artworks, fostering self-awareness and emotional expression. Engaging in this emotional exploration allows visitors to gain deeper insights into their emotional experiences and share their emotional journeys with others, thereby promoting emotional communication and understanding.


2D Rendering 3D Modeling + Rendering


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Art Jewelry

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Hello, I am Jiashi Ying, a passionate designer of wearable art, fueled by my insatiable curiosity. My drive to explore continually leads me to new horizons in design. I thrive on delving into unconventional textiles, harnessing the potential of recycled materials, and embracing innovative techniques like 3D printing. My goal is to push boundaries and create one-of-a-kind pieces that ignite contemplation and defy conventions. With every project, I aim to infuse a sense of wonder and inspire others to view fashion as a powerful form of artistic self-expression.



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