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Sensory Connection
- Echoes of the Grassland

“Sensory Connection,” a collection that harmoniously blends jewelry and music to create a captivating sensory experience. Through touch, hearing, and sight, this collection forges an emotional connection with the wearer, inviting them to explore the profound relationship between different senses.

One particular piece from this collection is titled "Echoes of the Grassland." Inspired by the evocative composition "One Summer's Day," the design encapsulates the imagery of standing in a vast grassland under a clear sky, where the swaying grass creates gentle, wave-like movements.

To translate the shape of wind movements into tangible form, I employed TPU on organza. By analyzing sound waves from a database, I determined the shape of each organza piece. Through careful adjustments in size and height, I achieved a dynamic and organic wind form, capturing the essence of the grassland's gentle sway.

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